HOW TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SELF  If it hasn't happened already, there is going to be a morning when you awaken, stumble to your bathroom, stare into the mirror and feel uncomfortable with who you see looking back at you.  You may see a new line on your face or notice an unfamiliar plumpness taking up residence around your jawline.  Those things can be fixed, easily.   A slather of face cream nightly will do the trick on those pesky wrinkles.  But what happens when you look past your own eyes and see something much more painful.  A dream unfilled, the lingering effects of childhood bullying or the ache of self doubt may be dancing just under the surface of your soul.       Healing these issues takes time, but it's time well spent.  And, you'll need to step out of a comfort zone or two to conquer this healing. You can't do it alone.  Here's the thing - we, humanity - are a collective bundle of energy dispersed in many bodies.  Fascinating, huh?  We are all connected.  When a piece of our spirit falters we need  to connect to with a kindred spirit who can infuse us with positivity.  I can hear someone thinking, "What if I have no friends?"  Check this out.  It's gets even more interesting.  The person you need, the kindred spirit you need is right there inside of you. See, something as simple as saying hello to a friendly cashier or exchanging a smile with a gentle stranger passing on the road is enough to allow the light back in.  Being in the collective positive energy sparks our personal life force. That spark is what we need to jumpstart our SELF back into a place of  love.  Getting outdoors is mandatory even if it's done in "baby steps".  Each day, take another step forward into the breeze and I guarantee one morning you will wake up and find that you are back in love with who you see in the mirror.  If you need something more concrete to get you back into a long-term relationship with yourself, here's a list.  Start checking :) See you in the light. 1. Pay attention to your emotions. They don't lie.2. Be okay with not being okay3.  Smile - at your reflection, even if it hurts.4. Talk to someone, and if there is no one, get it all out by journaling.  It truly does help.5. Understand that no matter what, you will be in a long-term relationship with yourself. Make peace with that, right now.6. Meditate and pray daily. Love,HeavenNezCree         



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