SMALL WORDS.BIG MEANINGS.  There are two powerful words and both on their own are a complete sentence requiring no further explanation unless you feel so compelled.  Saying yes or no are definitive one syllable statements that clearly mean what they say.  You know what is else is true?  The fact that you will be challenged to further explain yourself 90% of the time you use either of these words as a complete sentence.   And that challenge is going to come from within.  You will hear the question, know the answer, provide the answer and yet something will rumble inside of you making you provide an explanation.       Exhibit A:You are offered a piece of desert and say "No, thank you."  Almost immediately you will the need to explain your diet or you latest cleanse or your finicky food allergies.  Trust me when I tell you, saying no is enough. Exhibit B:You've recently come off the above mentioned cleanse and are at your favorite restaurant.  A friend asks if you are really going to eat all of that. your response, "Yes."  There is no need to explain why you are hungry or why you will be making a second trip to the buffet.  Saying yes is enough. Yes and No are in and of themselves a very complete thought, so why do we feel the need to explain ourselves. One simple word can sum that up and that word is doubt.  We don't trust that our instinct and wisdom are strong enough to carry our "yes" or "no".  There may be a need for validation of our choices.  Or, we don't want to offend, or offend too harshly.  However, if you are speaking from a place of agape truth, then there can be no genuine offence taken.  That other person is being dramatic. You are important enough and should know that even your small words have a  big meaning.  Stay true to you! Love,HeavenNezCree         



Yes. No.